Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th March
Farnham Maltings, Surrey, UK

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Competition Class 1 - Bowl of Flowers

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Create a sugar flower arrangement containing at least three different varieties of flowers displayed in a bowl or vase of your choice. The flowers you make can be botanically recognisable or fantasy flowers.

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Number of entriesPrice per entry
One entry£10
Two or more entries£5

Please note that individuals may enter up to a maximum of two entries per competition class and maximum of two classes.

This price also includes two complementary exhibition entry tickets per person for Saturday only. Attendance on Sunday will require additional tickets.

Additional Information

Class Rules
  1. The arrangement should contain at least three different varieties of flowers (although these may come from the same family). Buds and leaves should be included where appropriate. Other types of foliage and berries may be included but should be used to enhance and not dominate the display or arrangement.
  2. The flowers and foliage included can be on any theme. Flowers can be botanically recognisable or fantasy flowers.
  3. Flowers must be displayed in a bowl or vase of the competitor’s choice, using Stay Soft (Plasticine), Oasis, glass beads or any other suitable medium. Moss may also be used with discretion.
  4. The bowl may be either purchased or made by the competitor. Please note that the bowl itself will not be judged, other than as part of the overall composition and effect of the piece.
  5. The flowers and foliage may be wired and include commercial stamens, tape, commercial/homemade pollen, ribbon and thread. Drinking straws, foil and kitchen paper may also be used.
  6. No other artificial or commercial item/decoration is permitted, apart from the bowl/vase/support and material etc. used for display purposes.
  7. All elements included in the piece must be made by the competitor. Petals, leaves, fruits and buds are to be made from an edible flower paste (gum paste) and/or Mexican paste. Additional elements, e.g. twisted willow or other woody materials may be made from wire, tape and sugar.
  8. The floral elements must be made from sugar and not from any inedible materials such as cold porcelain.
  9. Unbreakable Gel may be used for details.
  10. This class will be judged based on creativity and artistry, visual impact, proportion, use of colour and assembly. Competitors should pay particular attention to the realistic representation of the flower.
  11. The exhibit must fit within a 14” (35cm) square; there is no height restriction.