Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th March
Farnham Maltings, Surrey, UK

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Competition Class 6 - Pastillage Cup and Saucer

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Create your own wonderland-worthy cup and saucer using pastillage and decorate it with any edible medium. The cup and saucer may be displayed however you wish as long as they fit within the size limit.

Save on multiple entries

Number of entriesPrice per entry
One entry£10
Two or more entries£5

Please note that individuals may enter up to a maximum of two entries per competition class and maximum of two classes.

This price also includes two complementary exhibition entry tickets per person for Saturday only. Attendance on Sunday will require additional tickets.

Additional Information

Class Rules
  1. Competitors must make one cup and saucer out of pastillage.
  2. The cup and saucer may be displayed however the competitor wishes as long as it fits within the size limit.
  3. Decorative work may include any edible medium (Please note that if you are using silver, or other metallic or glitter colour on your cake it must be edible. Some glitters and metallic colours are classed as non-toxic and these are not edible). If using edible metallic or glitter dusts please leave a note with your entry to advise the judges which colour & brand you have used.
  4. Competitors may model decorations by hand such as sugar buds, flowers, foliage, twigs, fruit, berries, nuts, fungi, animals, birds, fish, people and figures (normal or comical). Flower and petal veiners/cutters may be used however all other moulds (e.g. SugarVeil, bead makers or cutters, embossing mats, lace mats) are not to be used.
  5. Competitors may choose to fill their cup with any edible decorations. Floral wires are permitted if sugar flowers are being used.
  6. Competitors will be judged on: creativity; visual impact; balance of design; proportion; assembly; use of colour; use of medium; execution of techniques used.
  7. The exhibit must fit within a 10” (25cm) square; there is no height restriction.